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What’s your orientation?

It is very helpful to practice a simple and mindful orientation exercise on a regular basis
Trauma Therapy

Finding The Balance – Somatic and Cognitive Strategies in Resolving Trauma

Tom looks haunted as he describes his feelings of guilt and shame that he did not do more to protect himself and his wife from the muggers. He keeps repeating the ‘if only’ themes.

The Nature Of Dissociation

When things are going along well enough in daily life, we have a ‘joined up’ experience without obvious ‘gaps’.
General, PTSD

Aren’t we all traumatised?

These days we might wonder how we can hold on to trauma as a meaningful concept and, more importantly, when it is that stress actually does become trauma.
Published Articles

Differentiating between borderline personality disorder and autism spectrum disorder

One of the main issues that people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience is that they find emotional and relational interactions challenging.