Mark Lewis

Helping you recover from the effects of traumatic stress

From a one-off incident or accident to longer periods of difficulty in life, traumatic events and overwhelming stress can leave their effects on both body and mind.

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About Mark Lewis Trauma Therapy

A skilled and competent therapist

I am an experienced mental health professional and Somatic Experiencing practitioner with a long career in NHS mental health services. I have specialised in understanding trauma and helping people recover from the effects of trauma for over fifteen years.

I see trauma treatment as requiring a broad set of skills, both somatic (body focused) and psychological. Hence I bring my training in the Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy approach and combine this with Psychodynamic skills and theory. 

Additionally, I include elements from the Cognitive Behavioural tradition which includes a clearly structured approach to emotion regulation and mindfulness.

Mark Lewis Trauma Therapist

What I offer

I seek to make trauma treatment flexible and accessible. I offer one to one sessions, supervision and bespoke workshops both in person and online. I provide a free 20 minute introductory consultation.

1-1 In-Person

Meeting in a Complementary Health Centre in Glastonbury, Somerset. Both short and longer term therapy.


Training in Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance and Emotion Regulation skills. Somatic skills for stress resilience and recovery. For individuals and groups.

1-1 Online

Offering accessibility for those who cannot attend sessions in person. Both short and
longer term therapy.

Training & Supervision

For counsellors and therapists needing support and guidance in working with complex presentations.